Why is Paris so popular for art lovers?

The “city of love” is one of the most popular places to visit on Earth. In fact, it competes each year, normally with Bangkok, for the number one spot. Many people who visit the city do so for its art scene, but what is it that makes Paris so popular for art lovers?

You’re probably thinking- that’s easy, it’s the Louvre right? Well, yes- and no. You’re right in the sense that the Louvre is undoubtedly the most distinctive and famous museum https://psychologista.fr/

in Paris, maybe the world. It holds over 38,000 works of art, including (probably) the most famous painting in history- the Mona Lisa. You’re wrong though if you think that’s most of what Paris has to offer.

Any other galleries and museums?

Oh yes. In fact, Paris has around 130 museums and art galleries to visit. This is of course far too many to see while on vacation.