What Inspections Should You Do Before Buying Your New Home?

There could be many defects and issues prevalent in properties that have been put up for sale, irrespective of whether they are brand new or old, and most of these issues are not detectable during a visual inspection of the property. This is why you should get professionally qualified, experienced and certified inspectors to carry out certain inspections prior to making a decision to buy.

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There can be many problems with a property such as structural issues, plumbing issues, electrical issues, pests, as well as not conforming to local regulations and laws, and all these can cause a huge problem for buyers if a property is not properly checked before buying, costing you a lot of money to get the problems fixed later on. This is not something that you want to go through, soon after buying a new home. After all, you have already spent the majority of your money on the investment, and soon after you need to find more money for repairs? Who wants that? On addition, knowing there are any defects in the property will give you bargaining power and you can negotiate on the price with the seller, or even include clauses where the seller will rectify these issues before any money even changes hands.

So, what are the inspections you should get done before purchasing your new home?

Home and Building Inspections – Building and home inspections in Sydney are important for those looking to buy a new home (or even a commercial building), and should be conducted by a professional who is well experienced in the matter. They can provide you with good insights into the defects that could be prevailing in the property. These inspectors will not only detect the defects that there may be but suggest what course of action should be taken to rectify the issues as well. Since most of these problems are not visible to you and I, we need professionals who are trained in such matters and who can detect underlying issues that may be there in a property, and give you a comprehensive report on the same. These inspectors however will not provide estimates for repairs to home buyers as those should be taken from proper contractors. They will check areas such as:

The foundation.
Ceiling and walls.
Electrical system.
Plumbing system.
HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).
Doors and windows.
Walkways and driveways.
Porches, balconies etc.
Timber Pests Inspections – Timber pest inspections in Sydney are also a very important pre-purchase inspection to be carried out, since Australia is home to many pests such as termites and borers, and the damage done by them may not be visible to anyone until a disaster happens. Termites especially can destroy the entire inside of timber and no one would notice it since they leave a thin veneer which covers the damage done by them, but internally the strength and density of the timber reduces and can cause serious damage and safety hazards, especially if it is timber that is used for structural purposes. These pests can damage structural timber, other timber laden areas of the house such as decks, and also furniture and other wooden items. Pest infestations can spread very fast, and one infested house in the neighbourhood could mean that several houses in that area are already infested. Following a timber pest inspection in Sydney, the inspectors will make recommendations as to what should be done if any are found on the property, or they would recommend preventive measures that can be taken. During a timber pest inspection, the inspectors will look for the following:

Pest infestations and nests.