The role of landscape designers for the future of New York City

Historical facts about the city: It was in the year 1524 when an Italian Giovanni da Verrazano discovered the New York harbor. Slowly people from different parts of America started moving in this place. It is estimated that by 1700 New York had a population of about 5,000. After this, the population went on increasing rapidly. The city is located in the heart of Hudson River. The city has a wonderful natural beauty. The city has five boroughs namely Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. You can find the panoramic view of the city that would take you to a different World where everything seems beautiful. You can thus make your life successful with all good things that bring in the real happiness.

Landscape of the city

The physical environment of New York City is very eye catching. The city has both rivers and hills which enhance the natural beauty to a great extent. Recently there have been great changes in the landscape of the city. There will be various mega projects in the city. This will bring great modifications in the landscape of the city. Initiatives will be taken to preserve the historical monuments of the city. These historical monuments are a great heritage of the city. Luxury Skyscrapers will be constructed at 220 Central Park. In this way, the entire landscape of the city will have a new look in the year 2017.