The Importance of Solitude When Marketing on the Internet

Marketing on the internet can be a very fast pace environment with constant change and challenges. Working online from home can even add a few additional distractions you would not normally encounter in a ‘normal’ work environment. The phone ringing off the hook, kids playing and the neighbor at the door make it tough to maintain focus. With all that said it is easy to understand how important solitude can be for online entrepreneurs. However finding peace and tranquility can serve a much greater purpose for entrepreneurs than just rest and relaxation. In fact finding solitude FROM your work can be one of the most productive things you can do FOR your work.

Here are 3 major work benefits all online entrepreneurs can experience by gaining separation from their work and retreating into a state of peace and quiet.

By gaining space or distance from distractions and work that requires our focus allows you to ‘reflect’ back upon the recent experiences of the day. This peace and tranquility encourages you to look at things more objectively to determine what went right or wrong and why. This is important so that we learn from our mistakes and triumphs thereby giving us a more ‘productive’ direction in our work. We want to duplicate our success and avoid any needless failures.

Stimulates Creative Thinking

Escaping the regimentation of the work environment and experiencing a more relaxed state of mind encourages thinking outside the box. Our minds are no longer ‘required’ to remain focused on the tasks at hand. We are now more likely to consider options in a more liberal ‘what if’ kind of way leading to more experimentation.

Problem Solving

When reflecting upon the ‘events of the day’ in a more relaxed and unfocused manner we can now ‘uncover’ and focus upon making improvements or problem solving. Being immersed in a work environment involves many ‘planned activities’ that require our focus. By gaining separation from this atmosphere we can now devote more focus on those things that did not go according to plan. It is always how much easier to solve problems when you are able to fully concentrate on them.

Marketing on the internet involves a whirlwind of activities that all occur in an environment of constant change. Considering that many marketers are working online from home the distractions have a tendency to increase. These changes and distractions create many challenges for online entrepreneurs. The need to find solitude is especially important under these conditions but not just for rest and relaxation. The 3 benefits discussed above show how entrepreneurs can use a state of peace and tranquility to actually help their business grow. Strange how finding solitude from your work can be one of the most productive things you can do for your work.