The Best Baby Travel Cot

A baby cot is a paramount thing for every nursery and if you are a very active parent and lead the life of a traveller in accordance with your personal desire or because your business involves much travelling, the best thing you can get for your little one is a baby travel cot.

Travel baby bedFinding the most appropriate one can be a hard decision. If you travel much buying a smart handbag folding travel bed will be just what you need. They usually go with lightweight waterproof padded mattress bases and are very safe and comfy. Washable fitted sheets make it possible to give your baby clean and comfortable environment. If you are a very outgoing person this type of travel bed will be just an urgent need.

Full size travel cotYou can also purchase a full size travel cot, they are easily assembled, and some of them even have lockable wheels for easy movement. Having a garden you can give your baby an excellent opportunity to spend all day long out-of-doors as many travel cots go with special mosquito net which provides your baby the needed protection from different annoying visitors, so you can ensure your child will not have insect trouble. Also they can be used as playpens as they are robust and sturdy. These two functions make a travel cot indispensable. Moreover full size travel cots usually have a large pocket which is very handy Tech nieuws

for storing some toys or the spare blanket. Almost all baby travel cots have mesh sides so that air circulates freely and you can keep an eye on baby. Many of the models come complete with a padded mattress base which folds around the travel cot when folded and travel carry bag. There are a lot of different options that you can get on a baby travel cot. There are travel cots which provide also some extra features such as a gently vibrating mattress, a clip-on portable nightlight and a music box for soothing lullabies, which are all timer operated. Buying a travel cot there is one thing more you should be concerned with is how it could be portable. You can find one that has a nice bag that fits the baby travel cot and makes it easier to travel around with. Total weight of such travel cots should be about 10-11 kg.