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Popularity of mobile apps is increasing like never before in this era of digital marketing.

In ecommerce app development, it is always important to maintain some best practices. Here, we are going to discuss about the importance of using various new techniques.

Paid Advertising

Google works rigorously in order to make paid advertising very efficient. They are offering lot of real estate in upper parts of search engine results to paid ads that gives rise to a huge increase in CTR (click through rates). Advertising on mobile phone are much different than they are on the desktops.

In PPC ads or paid search ads, you can bid on the most competitive keywords. You can always implement some specific characteristics into your PPC ads if you want to make the most out of your campaigns especially with ecommerce app development, as an example, you can add an extra button of “direct-to-download”.

There is no other way to customize your advertisement at that level in a regular search result. Thus, this is a helpful tool carrying a unique benefit that PR, SEO, and location-based targeting cannot do. When it comes to display ads on mobile phones, you need to keep the UX or user experience in mind all times.


Starting from ecommerce app development to increasing the search ranking for the app takes more than 6 months of diligent work. When optimizing a digital platform, it takes time to get the desired results. Search for your app is great, if the audiences know exactly what they are searching for.

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But, they won’t be able to search for it if they don’t know what your app is. Marketing efforts for mobile apps has to initiate long before the launch of the actual platform. The ranking of the app goes higher when the number of daily downloads are high. Application development services need to initiate some fresh techniques in the app making process. Free gaming applications are more competitive to rank, while some finance, medical, and travel apps are easier to rank.

Social Media

Social Media is a platform that we are watching grow when we talk about advertisements. Visually-based platforms, such as pinterest or Instagram, are offering a lot of purchasing choices now businesses and mobile apps both. Social media is best choice of all the existing business, and mobile applications. Social media is a great tool if you want to integrate your social campaigns inside your existing marketing practices, and at the same time creating a seamless and best shopping experience for your audience.