QNet Singapore : The headquarters of the biggest direct selling company.

QNet is an online direct selling company that has been popular amidst the masses for its formidable product range. It is a 13 year old MLM company and is owned by the Qi Group of Companies. QNet has an unprecedented business model which allows its members to build their own business via direct selling and earn monetary benefits. Qnet has a worldwide operation based in 30 different countries and Singapore is one specifically important country in the list as most of the operations are handled from there. It is definitely one of the most prominent offices for the megacorp. QNet Singapore is also the headquarters of it.




QNet Singapore, started in 1999, is of prime importance to the company as it helps to connect the office with its other branches across other countries with ease. One of the main reasons why Singapore was chosen as the main location for the establishment of QNet is simply because of the recent developmental progress that Singapore has witnessed. Also it becomes a lot more easy t establish a network with prominent Asian countries which are being developed. Also most of the products that come under the brand name of Qnet are functioned and monitored in the headquarters in Singapore itself. QNet Singapore is also a member of various international industrial bodies like the DSAS. Another prime reason for setting up in Singapore is the hue market prospect Singapore can offer to a direct selling company considering the memberships. There are atleast thousands of members so far who have already applied for Qnet and have so far enjoyed every bit of it.

QNet Singapore has proved to be fruitful for the organization on the whole as the distribution and organization is handled smoothly by the Singapore Office. Moreover, the entire functioning of Qnet’s most popular product, Amezcua is also done in the Singapore unit. The office in this beautiful country is indeed helping the progress of the megacorp in a great way.

Qnet as a brand too has been quite popular in Singapore. The demand for Qnet keeps increasing everyday as more and more people have desired to be a member of Qnet. The company has also achieved tremendous amounts of profit from the local members in Singapore who have shown a significant amount of interest by being active and generating profits and remunerations.

Lately, there have also been certain rumors doing the rounds on the World Wide Web regarding the fraudulent working of the company. In my opinion, being an active member in Singapore