Protect Your Horse with a Horse Rug

A horse rug is a good way for any owner to protect his friend from the cold winter weather. Your weather conditions will determine whether you need a really heavy rug or perhaps one that is little lighter. A variety of different weights are always available. If your climate varies a great deal it may be necessary to have more than one rug.There are several different types of rugs depending on where the horse will be when wearing it. A horse turnout rug is for use in the turnout area. A water repellent layer is necessary to protect your animal from wet weather. A stable rug, discussed below, differs from the turnout rug in that the water repellent feature is not necessary. A  coat is placed underneath the water repellent shell to provide warmth.  The coat is available in numerous thicknesses. Winter horse rugs are horse rugs that are made of a very heavy canvas material and provide the most warmth. Some animals experience chaffing and abrasion from this heavy rug.


Look for one with a soft inner liner to prevent this problem. Another way of solving this problem can be to buy a simple liner to be thrown over the horse’s shoulder.  Be sure to get a rug that is long enough to hang just below the horse’s belly for good coverage and maximum warmth.A fly rug can be purchased at any good horse supply store.   All sorts of flying insects can be found around the barnyard in the summer and your horse will need protection. They are made of a fine-spun porous material that will keep insects from entering. This material provides plenty of ventilation so that your horse is not over heated during the summer heat. A new type of fly rug is now being manufactured with a treated surface that holds off the insects extremely well. Travel rugs are useful when trailering your animal. This type of rug is made of one layer of lightweight material. It will keep dirt and debris from collecting on him and necessitating cleaning. If you are concerned about scratches or other damage to your horse’s coat a heavier version of the travel rug is available.  When considering what type of material is best suited for your animal a higher denier count means a heavier fabric. A stable rug is a cushioned or filled rug and is appropriate for use inside the stable and will provide good warmth. Again, be sure to buy a rug that is long enough to cover the horse’s underside.  If the weather is especially cold a second lighter weight rug can be placed on top of the first one. The Internet is a good place to look for cheap horse rugs. As with many other things, online shopping can be very convenient and you may save some money too.Always weigh your options and check out several sources.