Very much akin to self realized masters/saints of India foreign spiritual seers too have made prophecies regarding future events. Such talk in certain parts are found in all sects but the way in which Lord Jesus Christ’s disciple John has made clear cut prophecies are not noted in other places. He had attained a Yoga based spiritual vision and he has described incidences that were to take place hundreds and thousands of years later in such a manner that it seemed all that was actually enacted in front of his mind’s eye. From this standpoint his prophecies are that much more important because in those Christian countries these future incidences are to take place he too was a citizen of that region and he has especially written about the future of followers of Christian Religion. From this viewpoint in contemporary times it is very important that we gain wisdom regarding these prophecies.

In the Old Testament portion of Christianity’s Holy Bible text the future of Jews has been described who in those times resided in Egypt, Palestine etc and who had to ceaselessly face enemy attacks. In the Holy Bible it is written: Almighty God had commanded Jews that if they followed his orders they will attain joy and prosperity. Yet if Jews failed to follow God’s commands and insisted in opposing them they would be punished heavily. Even if after this they did not reform God would render their cities barren and ruined, enemies of Jews will start dwelling there and that the Jews shall have to listlessly roam around in the world without hearth or home. Ultimately when they roam around 7 Times in the world facing untold hardships in the process Almighty God shall again test them and after uniting them all they shall set up their own country.

The ancient land in which Jews resided was Palestine. Over there is their one and only sacred religious spot called Jerusalem. Just as all world Muslims look upon Mecca as their pilgrim spot and from all corners of the world they travel there, in the same way Jews too after enduring lots of hardships arrive in Jerusalem after travelling thousands of miles. For a long time span this region was under Turkish rule and Arabs started residing there. After the 1st world war in 1914 AD it was taken over by British and as per advice of friendly nations they decided to help Jews set up residences there. Although Arabs dwelling there opposed this move tooth and nail and for decades together fights ensued yet about 100,000 to 150,000 Jews have set up their homes there and from the year 1949 AD they set up their country in one part of Palestine naming it Israel. Recently Israel had attacked Egypt as a result of which there was a dire possibility of a world war setting in.

In reality the fact that Jews again relocating themselves in Palestine and that they built their own country there was an extraordinary incident because in the Holy Bible it has been very clearly predicted that Turkish rule shall end there so that Jews shall set up their own country over there and in the past 100 years thousands of bog books have been written in English wherein by exhibiting firm faith in prophecies penned in the Holy Bible, it has been said that when ‘7 Times’ end Turkish rule shall end Jews shall definitely set up their residence and country in Palestine. If respected readers so wish they can visit libraries and read these books.