Office Networking: Are You Ready to Connect Your Small Business Office?

Thinking about networking your office computers, printers, modems to share your key office computer equipment?

Think the job is simple and that you can handle it yourself?

Maybe so, but most small business owners have a business to run and may not have the time or inclination to work as a telephone or computer technicians setting up an office computer network.

If you are thinking about networking your office, here is some basic information that you need to know before you embark on the challenge.

Two Options

Generally, there are two ways to approach your office networking. You can go “wired” and string the cables yourself to connect all of your office computers, printers, modems, etc. Or you can follow the most recent business trend and go “wireless”.

Wireless Option

Sometimes a wired cable local area network isn’t always practical or cost effective. If you lease your office space and install a hard wired cable network, you must run wires through walls and ceilings. This wiring installation is permanent. Thus, when you move out of that leased office space, you will probably leave your cable wiring investment behind.

However, if you decided to go with a wireless network Your installation is simpler. A “wireless gateway” is placed on a shelf and “wireless cards” are installed within your computer equipment within their open card slots. All without expensive cabling being installed and installed within a matter of minutes.

Wireless networking not only increased productivity, but save you money by eliminating the cost of cables for a wired network.