Network adapter in Windows 7

WNIC stands for Wireless Network Interface Controller. WNIC is an important device which allows you to connect your computer to a specific computer network through radio waves based wireless network rather than wire based network. It follows IEEE 802.11 protocol. It is connected to computer through USB port, PCIe (Peripheral connect Interface Express).It uses an Antenna through microwaves. A WNIC works on OSI (Open System Interconnection) Physical layer and Data link layer. It also provides a low level addressing system through the use of MAC addressing. WNIC works in two modes:

1. Infrastructure mode: In this mode all data transmission through central hub via access point. For a particular wireless computer network all computers must have a wireless access point with a same service set identifier (SSID) as the access point.

2. Ad-hoc Network: In case of Ad-hoc network no access point is required but the entire computer must have same channel and SSID.

If you are not able to connect your wireless network then it could be due to problem concerned with WNIC. You can trouble shoot in the following way:

1. Firstly check whether external switch on a laptop or computer which is responsible for turning on or off wireless networking facility. You may find a tiny wireless NIC icon next to the switch; Keep it in the On mode.

2. Else it is due to disabled wireless NIC in the Windows; make it turn ON before connecting it to a specific network.

For connecting your computer to a specific network you have to follow these steps through Wireless NIC on Windows 7 computer setup:

· Click on the Start button, and then select Control Panel.

· In Control Panel Window select “Network and Internet” option.

· Now you have to select “Network Sharing Center”.

· Then you have to click on hyperlink “Change Adapter Settings” flashing on the left pane of the Control Panel window.

· Make sure the Wireless Network Connection icon in the Network Connections Window is enabled. If not then enable it through the Network and Sharing Center option. In Network and Sharing Center click on “Manage Network Sections”. Then enable Network adapter if your computer is password protected then a dialog box will popup asking you to enter username & password. If you enter correct then permission for changing Network adapter setting is granted. Then adapter is enabled.

· Now you can connect to the network of your choice.

How to make Secured Wireless Network Connection:

· Click on the Networking and Sharing Center icon available on the right bottom position of task bar. A list containing available Wireless Network connection available will pop up.

· It is always advised to connect with secured wireless network connection, as through unsecured wireless network connection any hacker can intrude and can get access to your id password of your accounts, email id as well as steals your credential information.

· You can identify unsecured wireless network connections by the yellow shield icon in front of available network connections.

· It is always advised to connect to wireless network that requires a network security or have some kind of Security certificate. The information sent on these networks is secured by encryption algorithms.

· It is always recommended to read the privacy statement before connecting to a public network and make sure that which files are stored on your PC and what type of information the network providers collect from your PC.

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