Maltese Care Guide: Tips & Essentials for Owners

disposition of the Maltese breed make it essential to tailor an exercise routine that suits their needs while also engaging their playful nature.
Outdoor Activities

Indoor activities for your Maltese might include playing with toys or engaging in hide-and-seek games that stimulate their mind and cater to their instinctual curiosity. While these indoor activities are important, they should complement outdoor exercise routines to achieve the right balance for your furry companion’s overall well-being.

Outdoor activities, on the other hand, provide the Maltese with essential exposure to fresh air and new scenery, which is integral for their physical and emotional enrichment. A daily routine consisting of two walks, each lasting between 20 to 30 minutes, is an effective way to meet the Maltese’s exercise requirements. These walks help promote a healthy heart, aid in digestion, and allow your Maltese to explore the world around them.