Making Money With Blogging

In recent years, blogs are becoming increasingly popular and in this article we examine some ways you can make money with blogs. There really is an almost endless way to make money with your blogs or as I like to say making money with blogging!!

I must admit I have used so many ways to make money online and money to blog is a fantastic way to make money with little work.Do get me wrong the start up process of trying to make money blogging is a slow and often very hard process, but with some tips, guides and great info you will soon be blogging to the bank!!

Blogs are free to set up that’s why people have been using them more and more to make money online, you can get a very professional looking web page up within 45Min’s or so, and the great thing about blogs are they are so search engine friendly, the reason for this is the content is always being updated or changed here and there.

Their are a huge amount of blog hosting company’s to chose from but the best of the best and the only one I recommend you to use wordpress. Just visit and open a new account. NOW, one thing to know right here and now is that wordpress is not the best site to use for beginners, BUT, if you learn how to use it from the start you will be blogging with my personal best blog platform and long term you will end up using it anyway, so now is as good as time as any to start.

If you would like to start your blogging to the bank empire with a very easy blogging platform then is properly the best option for you. is so so so easy to use so you could start here and build yourself up to

Another reason for chosing wordpress is the ability to buy your own domain name and host it with them meaning that you own a website if you like and no one can limit you to what you put on it and if this blog/website becomes huge you would be able to sell it, if you just had a free blog you could not.

Another advantage of using WordPress is the simple fact of plugins and themes. WordPress has a huge amount of plugins and themes for you to use at your will, making for a great looking blog with minimal effort. Huge advantage point in anyone’s eyes.So how can you make money with your blog?

AdSense – You can put text ads on your blog and get paid from Google

Banners – You might choose to put banners of affiliate products on your blog.

Create a list – Use an opt-in form and offer free gifts on your blog.

Create a subscription – making a very popular blog will have people coming back again and again. Put a fee on and cash in on this key factor, doest have to be much, but if you have 1000 a day paying just $1 a month,,,, you do the math.

Above are just a few ways to get yourself blogging to the bank and all the ways above are effective and do work, they have all worked for me and I love blogging.There really is a huge amount of ways to make money with blogging.

So if your new to blogging or been trying to make money blogging for a long time there are a few ways that can help you learn to blog and make money blogging.