List Building Method 2: A Guide to Using Ad Swap to Build a List

Internet marketers know that having a great list can really be the key to unlocking earning potential. List building can be a painstaking process, and many marketers have a hard time going through the motions required to build a solid list. However, there are some that have found one of the best tricks in the proverbial book, and that is to use ad swap to build a list.

Using ad swap to build a list can really be effective and relatively free of any costs. The idea behind ad swap is to find other marketers with lists that can help by giving their list a bit of information about your list. The process involves you giving the marketer an ad in your list, and in theory is just that simple. Creating a beneficial exchange can help grow your list exponentially within weeks instead of months of trial and error.

When considering using ad swap to build a list, it is important to isolate marketers in your niche and the surrounding niches. If you are promoting a golf site (for example) you might not want to be included in an anime list (for example), and the marketer might not necessarily see a need for your ad in their list. Collaborating with the right people will save you time and effort. It could be a bit difficult to find people in your specific niche to help you make sales, but there are some nice marketers that will do an ad swap as they can see the benefit of helping others, and building their list alongside yours can be a great option for their long term success.

Another thing to consider when using ad swap to build a list is not to be too hasty in rejecting projected trades. Weight the benefits of trading with others, because you will be able to get a fresh set of eyes on your ad as well as give an opportunity that might come back to reward you down the road. You never know how large they will become and they might remember your rejection and when you come knocking for assistance, they will be quick to reject you too. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but there are instances where that scenario will play out, so consider all offers to trade with a sense of compassion, and it will pay off dividends down the road.

When using ad swap to build a list, you are going to essentially get free ad space in another list. By swapping ads among several different lists, you are ensuring your overall success because you will have a fresh set of eyes and new clients to communicate with.

List building outside of ad swaps can be very difficult and time consuming. Getting a large list is a matter of marketing genius at times, but with ad swapping, you cut the cost and gain valuable networking opportunities with others trying to earn a living online just like you. You can also bridge the gap between many different opportunities and end up making a friend in the same niche, which you can then use to team up for a mega opportunity.