Irvine Photographers: Can Dye-Sublimation Printing be Profitably Implemented into Your Business?

The Oragnge County photography industry is competitive. There are a number of new (and old) techniques and tools a photographer can choose to compete effectively.

One tool that an Irvine photographer can effectively use is a dye-sublimation printer. These printers produce brilliant colorful images. In addition the ink dries quickly so the prints can be handed to the customer at the photo shoot. In addition, the printer requires separate software to use the printer.
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You may be thinking this sounds wonderful. So what is the major drawback of using this type of printing? Cost. Although like most other technology the cost will likely come down over time, right now the cost of the software and printer is high. At the present the cost is such that a photographer would need to be printing a fairly high volume in order to justify this purchase.

There are a number of business models in which using a dye-sublimation printer may be economically feasible. One example is event photographer. When shooting events (such as a prom), usually the highest printing quality is not needed. Additionally, there is very little variation in the pictures (little or no editing is required).

A several dye-sublimation printer on location would allow the photographer to collect payment and deliver orders at the actual event itself. No editing is usually required because the pictures are standard set shots. The software can create pre-sized packages to be automatically printed. The ink dries quickly so the client can take the prints home right away.

This saves the photographer an enormous amount of time. No uploading images to the web or calling people back to collect payment. The traction occurs at the event. When the event is over, the photographer’s work is finished.

The main impediment to this model of course is cost. A photographer needs to be doing many events in order to justify the cost. A photographer can defray the costs by going in on the purchase of the printers and software with several similarly situated photographers. While most of the time this works out just fine, once in a while more than one photographer will have need of the printers on a given night. You should negotiate this contingency before going in on the purchase together to avoid any misunderstandings and contention.

Many Orange County photographers have found that dye-sublimation printing has substantially the sale of images. If your business does a substantial amount of event work you may want to consider this technology.