Iittala Sarpaneva Cookware

The Iittala chef’s choice. Originally designed in collaboration with professional chefs, All Steel now attracts home chefs with an eye for performance. The Iittala collection consists of numerous stainless steel items, all conceptual and functional, right down to the very last detail. The casseroles have measuring scales on the inside and the handles have been improved by making them even bigger and sturdier. The series include a copper sauteuse, as well as a frying pan and wok. Your professional grade kitchen will be well served.

Camron is working with Scandinavian homeware brand, Iittala, to launch their first retail concept in the UK. Iittala will open its first flagship store in London at 126 Regent Street in December. Established in 1881, Iittala is a driving force in Scandinavian design most famed for its iconic Aalto vase by Alvar Aalto first produced in 1936 and its Toikka birds by Oiva Toikka. The new store in London will offer the full Iittala product range including cookware, dinner sets and decorative items for the home. Iittala stands for ‘Lasting Everyday Design Against Throwawayism’. In an increasingly disposable world, Iittala believes that everyone has the right to expect design to last a lifetime.

The Iittala Sarpaneva Pot is one of the finest cast iron pots in the world. The most unique part of this black, white enamel lined pot is the detachable wooden handle. This attractive feature makes it easy to lift the pot from the stove, carry it to the table, and remove it from the oven. The Iittala Sarpavena Pot is also made from one of the best materials for cooking. Cast iron stores heat, keeping food warm and it cooks evenly and gently, perfect for stewing.



The new iron age Professor Timo Sarpaneva’s grandfather was a blacksmith. It inspired him to recreate a popular version of the ancient cast-iron pot. The Sarpaneva pot became such a favorite that it was featured on one of a collection of postage stamps celebrating the Finnish design élite. The design is a combination of tradition, functionalism and polished aesthetics. It’s a basic object for the home that you can lift from the stove straight to the table. Its distinguishing innovative feature is the detachable wooden