How to Sell Property quickly

Bear in mind that you should very often take a large pinch of salt with what estate agents say, their first job is to get you to agree to let them market the property and to do this a lot of them will give you an optimistic view of what the property will fetch and how long that will take. It’s not uncommon for agents to add maybe 5-10% on to what they actually believe it will sell for on to the initial figure they tell you. They know that if they tell you what they actually believe then another agent will just exaggerate a bit and the seller will go with this agent.

Naturally not all agents do this but enough for you to have a healthy cautious attitude when speaking with them. So beware. Depending on where you live in the country, it’s highly likely that in the current climate you will find it hard to sell property quickly. Unless it’s a prime real estate in somewhere like Knights-bridge, you really have to be realistic in what you will achieve if you want it gone fast. If you need to sell property quick then you will almost certainly have to sell it to a competent and experienced investor and to sell to one of these, you will have to sell at a discount. So many people make the mistake thinking that all buyers are the same when this is so clearly not the case.

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Until completion, a buyer is really not a buyer, just a potential buyer. This is made very clear to all the sellers who, after waiting for months and months and months for their buyers mortgage to come through, find out that the buyer has been declined and the seller is back at square one. Depending on just how much you need to sell property qiuckly, either placing the property in an auction or selling to an investor could be the only ways to having to wait months for something that then may never even materialise. Again depending on much you need to sell property quick, not achieving the best possible price could be a small price to pay if it guarantees that it does sell.