How to Optimise Your Youtube Videos For Maximum Exposure

Compelling Titles, Tags & Descriptions
It’s absolutely essential that you create a compelling title for your video, which is unique, catchy and relevant, encouraging web-users to want to view your content.
However, don’t forget to include important keywords in your title too, otherwise the video may never be found in the first place. This trade-off can be tricky, but when done properly it will greatly improve the chances of your video being found, drastically increasing both the quality and the quantity of views your video content receives.
Persuasive and relevant descriptions, which include the keywords you’re targeting, are crucial as well. Youtube permits up to 5000 characters, so take full advantage of this and use as many as you can. And don’t just include information about the video. As the creator, it’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate detailed information about who you are and what you or your company does. Include this sort of information in every single description. Not only will it help Youtube users find your video, your brand name will become better associated with the video content.
The right tags will also ensure good visibility for your video content on Youtube. Make sure they are keyword-rich (not stuffed) and as detailed as possible. They should be consistent with each other, be found in both the title and the description, as well as relating directly to the specific content of the video at hand. Always include your brand name, location, city, subject and themes.
Using adjectives in the description and tags is also very important, people use them when they search, so make sure you take full advantage of this.

Enticing Thumbnails
Like titles, thumbnails are proven to a have a significant impact on whether a Youtuber decides to click on your video content, or someone else’s. However at present, only “Youtube Partners” can create custom thumbnails, everybody else gets a choice of just 3, taken from the ¼, ½ and ¾ way points on your video. Make sure you always choose the most enticing option, as it will have an enormous effect on the quantity of views you’ll receive. You might also want to think about this in the edit and make sure you place an interesting image at one of these points, otherwise you may have to pick something inferior and ineffective.
Sharing, Embedding & Commenting Etc
Youtube is a video-sharing site and a community, so make sure you’re part of it. Allow users to comment on, embed, rate and share your video content with the world.
Comments are particularly important because not only do they help reinforce your keywords and increase long tail search traffic, they also increase the number of internal links to your videos, as the comments will also appear on the commentator’s profile page. They also provide a fantastic opportunity to directly interact with your viewers and build a relationship. Respond to people’s comments, positive or negative, whenever you can.