How Does Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems Work?

Gravity roller conveyors let products move along the conveyor by using the gravity force to move the load. These systems are also called roller conveyors and considered the most economical, versatile, and simplest types of conveyor systems. These heavy-duty roller conveyors work by allowing the products to roll alongside the upper surface. They work quite well when mounted on slide declines. This quality makes them indispensable in production facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and other facilities in which crates and boxes are handled.
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Even though most gravity feed roller conveyors range from a diameter of 1.4-1.9 inches, you can also find 2.5-3.5 inches for heavy-duty. You can buy them online and configure without any hassle because they are lightweight. These conveyors can be used for permanent as well as temporary installations. Additionally, temporary tripod-style and permanent floor support stands are also offered