Green waste should not be burnt and which skip is good to hire

From kitchen trash to the weeds daily pulled out in your backyard, green waste is bigger than you originally think. Green waste is an organic waste that can be used as a soil fertilizer, biofuel, and more. Regardless of what you want to use them for, green waste shouldn’t be burned because they have a use.

Green waste, along with plastic and paper is flammable. Green waste also comprises the most number of trash hauled every year amounting to 7 million tonnes. However, green waste, like other trash, such as plastic, doesn’t harm the environment at a toxic level. However, they’re still burned because people think it’s the easiest disposable method for it.

Burning green waste might be convenient, but it’s not a good idea. Here’s why:

Burning green waste threatens your health

Anyone passing or living nearby land with burning green waste can potentially develop an issue in their health. The smoke coming from the burning materials could primarily affect your respiratory system. For example, it can lead to asthma and chronic bronchitis. The smoke can have an instantaneous effect too. It could lead to difficulty in breathing, blackout, or even death.

Aside from the smoke, a burning green waste produces toxic fumes. The fumes of a burning green waste produce dioxins which are linked to many health afflictions such as cancer, liver failure, skin disease, and more.

Burning green waste also threatens your safety. It could be a fire hazard when left unmonitored since they’re highly combustible.

Burning green waste pollutes the environment

Burning green waste completes your environment pollution combo; it pollutes the air, land, and water. The charred materials left behind pollutes the land and changes the composition of your backyard’s soil.

When you want to put out a fire, you use water. The polluted water then seeps back into another body of water and pollutes the surrounding water.

Air is the most affected by burning green waste. Burning green waste emits greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming.

Burning green waste is non-economical

Burning green waste doesn’t help the economy. Why? Firefighting costs and environmental costs don’t benefit your economy. You’ll likely end up paying more than you originally planned.

All in all, burning green waste didn’t help anybody. What’s the better alternative for this? You have a lot of options for disposing of your green waste or better yet, keep it for your garden. However, to store your green waste properly in your backyard, you’ll need to skip bins. Skip bins are movable or non-movable large bins that you could store your waste temporarily.