Grand Parents Rights: Child Custody

The world has changed dramatically in the last decade and we are now seeing more divorce cases than ever before but what about the Grandparents rights? Some may say it’s a good thing that we should be able to move on from a relationship where we are not happy and we should be pleased that the process has been made easier for the couple concerned, but what about everyone else who is involved in this relationship?

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Everything becomes more difficult and very messy for both the children involved and the grandparents. It seems all too easy to forget that grandparents will have their worlds knocked upside down if they have enjoyed a close relationship and it would appear that things are made even more difficult to ascertain Grandparent’s rights as each state has its own precedents.

It is a stressful time for everyone. As a Grandparent you may have your own worries about your grand child’s welfare and how you are going to obtain visiting rights. Or, you may even have a worry about the children being abused or their welfare being pushed to one side because of parental custody battles.

We all search into the dark side, especially if we think our relationship is at risk. We ask ourselves:

1) Are we going to be allowed visitation rights if the children are taken by the ‘in-law’ parent?

2) Are the children being neglected because of the divorce issues?

3) What options do you have as a Grandparent regarding their welfare?

4) What Grandparent rights do you have?

Well the good news is that it would appear that Judges are now listening more to the children concerns and what is in their best interest. As a Grandparent that has had a cherished relationship with a grandchild it is natural to experience fear as to what the future holds for your loved ones. The ‘in-law’ may have won custody and you have fears for never seeing them again or the fact that they are being disciplined by a stranger and expected to change a lifestyle. The other Grandparents are allowed access but you are having problems making contact. The kids themselves, confused as they, are may even think you have abandoned them!

As a Grandparent, maybe the dirty washing wasn’t aired in public in your day but thank goodness for Grandparents and the children concerned that judges are now willing to listen to all sides of the emotional roller coaster. Grandparent rights are being looked at seriously as a positive step towards helping children come to