Geely automobile spring care service activities was set up

The grass sprout out of the earth, and wind), but it is an Spring Festival. On April 1, geely automobile, “the four seasons caring about” the spring of the special service activities evaluation and courteous, begin. April 1, to May 20, cobolli gigli and its three major brands of users, as long as to seat authorized star service station, fill in “geely automotive service satisfaction assessment form first”, not only can enjoy free as many as 12 spring free detection, and have the opportunity to participate in lottery get geely automobile elaborate “spring li”, to win the IPAD tablet brain!Free enjoy spring 12 free detection”Caring about the four seasons” is giovanni cobolli gigli service brand six big love one of the activity, all the year round to uninterrupted for users provide close, timely, practical service, continue to deepen the giovanni cobolli gigli “love in fine point” service concept.Reporter through visit geely automobile 4 S inn know, from April 1, 2011 started, with “spring invitation” as the theme of the lucky car care service activities spring officially started. During the campaign, cobolli gigli and British, global hawk, next to the brand car user, as long as the authorized service station located star fill in “geely automotive service satisfaction assessment form first”, can enjoy free including engine, air conditioning, braking system up to 12 spring free detection.It is reported, this activity in addition to provide users with the usual spring maintenance services besides, special invite users to after-sales service to evaluate, collect user information through evaluation, summarizes the existing service advantage, make up for the deficiencies to improve customer satisfaction.Fashion gift, one day a IPAD with youIn addition to free up to 12 detection enjoy outside, cobolli gigli for the preparation of the rather stylish mystery gift-IPAD. It is reported, the user complete after assessment form first, star service station will be in the same day user information to the giovanni cobolli gigli DMS system. In the second day at random system extraction, the winners can obtain a geely automobile sent the IPAD tablet computer one.

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Giovanni cobolli gigli’s official website will be on a per 10 days for a cycle winning user list published.To ensure that the true and fair activities, cobolli gigli headquarters staff will be 100% defense winning users. What need reminds is, each user to have only one winning opportunity, single deadline of July 15, is no longer allowed to. So please user fill in the correct information, it is easy to contact the manufacturer.Love makes giovanni cobolli gigli in fine point service brand labelsIn the half of the era, automobile products technology matures, after-sales service quality will become the people shopping for car DVD elements, geely automobile as China’s national self-innovation brand the representative, in recent years, continue to deepen the “love in fine point to the service concept of” lean strength to make new service brand image, in progress of after-sales service to see.In February this year a business conference cobolli gigli, cobolli gigli group vice President, sales company general manager LiuJinLiang put forward the concept of dealers to cobolli gigli from “the price guidance” to “customer value bias” transformation, and constantly improve the service quality and professional knowledge level, and at the same time, to intensify the service the support strength.”With quality, technology, and other aspects of the homogeneity, after-sales service will become the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In the future will not less than a year cobolli gigli 20% speed to increase after-sales service budget. For dealer service support, service image of the hardware of ascension, personnel training expenses, special tools development support.” LiuJinLiang said. Persistent investment for service level of ascension, and get some of the accreditation of institutions. In 2009, in 2010, China backup camera ranked cobolli gigli automotive service gold wrench award, call center-OP awarded by CCCS five-star the authentication, become the domestic auto industry third win this prize car enterprise.