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You’ll get significant bits of knowledge on what distinctive Facebook key measurements there are to follow and what those measurements mean (indeed,Facebook Dashboard Articles it can get tricky..!). Then, you will get familiar with Supermetrics Facebook Insights connector, how to utilize it, and why it’s anything but an incredible apparatus for Data Studio detailing.

After that, you will perceive how you can put together measurements into a pleasant significant showcasing report utilizing a Supermetrics connector. Also, in conclusion, you will get 3 free and simple to-utilize Facebook Insights Data Studio detailing layouts. Sounds like a decent arrangement, isn’t that right?

To make the route simpler, here is the substance of this post. Simply click on the segment you need to become familiar with to leap to that part:

What are the key Facebook measurements to follow and their meaning could be a little more obvious?

Beginning with Supermetrics Facebook Insights connector
Making a 3-page Facebook Insights outline report
Facebook Page Insights revealing format

What are the key Facebook measurements to follow and their meaning could be a little clearer?


Facebook Insights has various measurements, which assist with evaluating how your page is performing. The central matter to comprehend and recall is that practically every one of the measurements can be partitioned into page-level and post-level measurements. Along these lines, when announcing, you should pick the significant page or post-measurement, contingent upon what information you might want to see.

It’s anything but somewhat confounded from the start, however, relax, you will track down every one of the clarifications and models further in this article. Underneath I will list the principle classifications of measurements to focus on and educate really concerning what they mean.

Impressions and reach

How about we start with the “essentials”. It is significant to comprehend what precisely Facebook distinguishes as page reach and impressions. Aside from that, it is great to understand what each of the 4 sorts of those measurements means by and by.

Impressions are the occasions your page or your posts were seen. You can have page impressions (set apart as “absolute impressions” when detailed with Supermetrics Facebook Insights connector) and post impressions (named “all-out impressions of posts”).

Note, that another sister-metric, alluded to and revealed as “post impressions” mirrors the occasions the post was displayed to page