Comparing Hospital Grade Electric Beds

Electric hospital beds have so many more health benefits than a standard bed and mattress. Hospital grade electric beds can help prevent neck and back pains, acid reflux, and help with all kinds of different medical diagnoses that involve neck and back problems, joint and muscle pain, and much more. Let’s go over some of the benefits of having one of these beds. Benefits of having electric hospital beds are as follows:- Applies support to the neck and back- Being able to raise the head and foot of the bed will allow support for the neck and back areas.- Helps with blood circulation.- Helps prevent acid reflux, or heartburn- By raising the head of the bed up slightly, you can help prevent heartburn.- Side rails- Having side rails can not only prevent falling out of bed, but can help you get in and out of bed.- Adjustable height- Being able to adjust the height of the bed is great for people who may be in a wheel chair, or cannot climb on to the bed.- Wheels-Most hospital grade electric beds are on wheels which makes them easy to move.All of these benefits could help save you a lot of pain. Although there are a few minor setbacks of having one of these beds, the benefits definitely out way the bad. A couple of the set

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backs from having one of these beds are as follows:- Pricey- Some of these beds can get a little high in price. – Assembly- The assembly of these beds is extremely difficult; you will only want a professional to assemble one of these beds.These beds come in so many different varieties, there’s a lot to choose from. If you are looking at a bed for sale; be sure you know what size of bed you’re going to need. These beds come in all sizes, twin, full, queen, and even king size. If you don’t want a fully electric hospital bed or just can’t afford one you may want to look into semi-electric hospital beds. These beds still offer the same head and foot support as an electric bed, but have a hand crank at the foot of the bed to adjust it. There are a few setbacks with having a semi electric bed. The setbacks are as follows:- Hand crank- People that cannot operate the crank will not be able to adjust the bed.- No electric control-With these beds there is not an electric remote to operate the bed from the lying down position, so you would have to get out of bed to adjust it.There are a few benefits as well with the semi electric hospital bed, they still come in all different sizes, full, queen, twin. They are also cheaper than fully electric beds. Service parts for these beds are a lot cheaper as well. There are many benefits from having an electric hospital bed, as well as a few setbacks. But if you are having trouble with neck and back pain or have a medical diagnosis that requires one of these beds it would be best for you to invest in one. It is better to spend the money rather than risk your health.