Choosing the destination wedding photographer!!!

But you know the only unfortunate thing about the day of your wedding is that it is there for only one single day. Hence people try and make best arrangements for everything be it the venue, caterers or dresses. After fixing the destination, choosing the photographer is the priority. It is one thing that will make your wedding a lasting memory forever and hence destination wedding photographers need to be chosen wisely.

Feeling confused, do not worry. Read on to know how to choose the best destination wedding photographers for your wedding in the selected stunning destination of your choice!!!!

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  1. Familiarity of the photographer with your wedding destination

Decide whether you want to hire a local photographer from the place you are getting married or find and hire the photographer you love. Hiring local photographer has some advantages like they know the place and you can save the travel cost. But what if you are traveling to abroad to say Orlando, may be that the local destination wedding photographer is good for professional wedding photography in Orlando but does not know knock-knacks of your rituals. Hence make this choice wisely!!!


  1. Invest time

You chose the location for a reason and that reason should be justified by the photographs. Therefore, invest time and research on the work, social media handle, portfolio and reputation of the destination wedding photographers you are considering such that they should be able to capture spectacular photos of every moment and every other thing including the location. You can also check with other professionals like your wedding planner, caterer, florist to help you in finding the best destination wedding photographer.



  1. Interview

After researching and shortlisting some photographers you want to work with, interview them so as to check their work and portfolio and make sure whether you are comfortable working with him. Check for their personality, their style of photography, photo packages they offer and of course their availability on the day of your wedding. This interviewing session is indeed the most important.

  1. Cost consideration

Before hiring the photographer, research, calculate, analyze and be prepared for all the types of cost that are associated with a destination wedding photographer- travel, stay, food and more. Do the cost-benefit analysis and see your budget before jumping to a conclusion.


  1. Number of photographers

It is rightly said that ‘three is a crowd, four a mob’. Meet your destination wedding photographer and decide how many on-field photographers he needs to capture the event. Some may prefer a lot of them, while others may want to settle with a smaller and efficient team. Of course, it should they should neither be too many nor too less to avoid missing on something or overdo and spoil the experience of the couple, family, and the guests.