Ceramic floor tiles factory

TAC Ceramic Tiles Technology Company is a high-end and fashion porcelain tiles supplier. It’s one of the biggest tiles exporting company in north area of China. Do you know Shandong Province of China? It’s one of China’s two large ceramic industry hometown. TAC Company is at here. TAC Company was founded in 1999. It has a success and famous tiles brand named ROMELAND. ROMELAND focuses on design and sales for these 03 types tiles: antique ties, full polished porcelain tiles, and semi-polished tiles. That means a design can be produced in three different types of tiles.

ROMELAND has been cooperating with distributors of more than thirty countries, including famous decoration companies. Excellent decoration designers need through same feeling tiles to show different decoration results. For example, in a house, the designing is a whole effect, but there’s some difference between the living-room, the bedroom, and the kitchen or the bathroom. How to achieve the difference but keep a whole effect? That must through the floor and wall. So, tile is a very important role. ROMELAND just can meet this requirement of the designer. On a same tile’s picture basis, we can produce different tile’s type and different size. So, some designers evaluated ROMELAND tile is an excellent Magician!


ROMELAND is a name revealing luxury and elegance and an excellent and outstanding brand with decent dignity. There is succinctness, simplicity and grace behind the gorgeousness of its products. The exquisite design and advanced technology endows ROMELAND products noble temperament and satisfy people’s requirement on space, light as well as house pattern.
Brand Strength

ROMELAND enjoys a high reputation in ceramic industry by its innovation ability, novel design, high-quality products and perfect service. In recent years, ROMELAND introduce advanced digital inkjet technology and add more individual features and catch the attention of many distributers and customers. And the sales outlets are established in more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.