Buying Pottery Boxes

Pottery is made of ceramic usually produced by potters however is fast becoming a hobby for many ordinary people. However still in the Western World not much attention is given to boxes made of ceramics, but Japan in fact has a whole section of art form that exists on box making. This originally comes from the fact that in Japan, wrapping a particular gift is an important part of the act of giving itself.

Pottery boxes are used in most cases for gifting, and are works of art in themselves with beautiful decorations or calligraphy crafted on the surface. Usually after the potter artisan completes creating the pottery box, he also carefully selects the rope with which he would tie the box together to hold the lid down. These boxes are most often used to store artwork.

In Japan, the value of an item of art can be reduced to more than half if the item does not have an original box that is signed by the artisan himself. The master craftsman himself is supposed to create the box and seal the edges and smooth the surface. The boxes also protect the art work from the heat and the moisture of Japan’s climate.

Calligraphy, an esteemed art form of the east is also lavishly displayed on the surfaces of the boxes. They are usually not heavily decorated, and are simplistic in nature, only perhaps carved or patterned with calligraphy writings. Thus the pottery box itself plays a significant role in the art world in Japan.

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