Bulk Carriers – A Revolution in Overseas Transportation

Email marketing is a prominent player in the marketing sector. Email marketing has the highest possibility of the lead generation than other leading bulk marketing tools such as bulk SMS marketing software, Bulk WhatsApp marketing software, etc

Bulk Email marketing needs the only email of particularly interested customer who is really interested in purchasing the bulk email marketing packages.

Magic web services provide rich user-interface bulk email marketing software and their built-in the facility are as follow:-

Built-in Email Templates.
MWS bulk email marketing softwareprovides a readymade email template which makes the process very easy to send beautiful bulk email to clients to generate good lead out of it.

Facility to create beautiful Html emails.
Create beautiful HTML email according to your design pattern to attract customers and generate huge lead by depicting the product quality in one email to make the customer satisfied by the product quality and become ready to buy products or services.

Built-in Spam checker.
Will importing bulk email there are chances that many of that email is not currently working state. This email address is automatically separated by the bulk email marketing software to reduce the spam email. MWS bulk email marketing software tries to avoid email to go in the spam folder.

Multiple format import content in Bulk.
In MWS bulk email marketing software support multiple format content imports such as Microsoft Excel format, Microsoft word format, PDF format, CSV format, etc.


Real-time report generation.
Every effective and speed report generation of a number of emails delivered, number of emailed viewed, number of email goes in spam folder, number of email unread, number of emails pending to send to customer.

User-friendly interface.
MWS Bulk email Marketing software provides a very good user-friendly interface which makes sending bulk email almost automatic and fast and always ready to customize customer requirements if required.