Banners and how they can create impact

When it comes to trade shows, it’s all about catching the eye. The impact of your display can make or break your success at the show. Banner stands very popular because they’re portable, flexible, and not too expensive. One drawback is that everybody uses them. So how do you make sure your banner stand draws attention–and doesn’t make you blend in? Here are a few tips for using a banner stand effectively.

The right graphics are crucial. Eye-catching graphics make a big difference. Many experts will tell you to use the same colors as your company colors and logo, but this isn’t necessarily the best way to go. There’s a fine line between having a polished-looking booth and having a monochromatic one. It can be a good idea to choose colors that contrast effectively with the rest of your display–contrasting colors are far more eye-catching than colors that match and blend well. Make sure there’s some nice contrast within the graphics of the banner stand–but don’t throw too much color in without giving careful consideration to how those graphics will interact. Dynamic photography can also be a good way to draw attention with your banner stand. But to make sure it comes out well, you’ll need to be sure your printer is up to the job.

The ad copy matters. Exciting graphics might turn a few heads, but it’s your copy that will do the lion’s share of the work. Many trade show vendors simply put up their company name and tagline on their banner stand. But what do you want people to do? Read your banner stand as they walk by–or come in for a closer look? To tempt people inside, it’s crucial to have a call to action on your banner stand. This can be a message like “talk to us now” or “Give us your business card for a chance to win” or pretty much anything that asks the reader to do something. The idea is to get passers-by to initiate contact–so you don’t have to chase them down yourself.

Think outside the rectangle. Walk around most trade show floors, and you’ll see a lot of long, tall, rectangular banner stands. Why not do something a little different? Buy a banner stand that can be rotated to present the banner on an angle or horizontally. Find a tension stand with an interesting, unique design. Teardrop banners and marketing flags have a stand-out look that’s sure to catch attention. Marketing flags are often a cross between a true banner stand and a flag; they come with a stand and a single curved pole, with a printed banner supported by the tension of the pole so that it is always unfurled and visible.

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

If you’re serious about standing out, buy a hanging banner frame. These can be one-sided hanging banners, or three- or four-sided hanging frames that can be seen from anywhere on the convention floor–so visitors will always know where your booth is. However, some trade shows have rules stipulating that displays must stay below a certain height, so check with your next trade show before investing in a tall or hanging banner stand.

Put your literature out there. Some banner stands come with removable literature racks that can be attached. Put your banner stand out front, even slightly outside your booth–and highly available to people passing by. Then attach those optional literature racks and fill them up with your brochures, reports, or whatever else you want your customers to have. That way, even those who don’t stop at your booth can pick up a brochure as they pass by.

Bigger isn’t always better. Consider the layout of your trade show space before deciding what size banner stand you need. Are you in one big room–with open ceiling space over the booths? If so, you might want to try making use of that space with a tall banner stand that can be seen from all directions–hanging banner stands are perfect for this. But don’t forget that you’ll be trying to attract people passing nearby, as well. Those people are unlikely to look up and see your big, beautiful banner. So make sure you have a display at eye level, too.