A Review Of Cape Town Airport

Cape Town Airport is the second biggest Airport in the South Africa. Cape Town is also the third busiest Airport in Africa. Cape Town airport has won two awards for the best Airport and best Airport services in 2008. Cape Town Airport is a gateway for millions of tourists each year. The Cape Town serves millions of tourist with great services. The Cape Town International is away from center of the city only 20 kilometer. The Cape International Airport is world class airport with lots of facilities for the passengers. The Cape Town is well maintained and the Airports Company South Africa has dedicated R1 billion to improvement and development for the airport with extensions to terminal buildings, the construction of parking, two new satellite terminals and an extended runway. The Cape Town international Airport opened its new terminal for the passengers in 2001 and has the ability to process the 950 arriving passengers per hours. The Cape Town International Airport is providing comfortable and fast services to international passengers because they know that passengers are usually exhausted after a long flight.

The new and extended departure terminal of Cape Town International Airport opened in 2003 and has ability for processing the 1300 passengers in busy hours. This capacity is greater than three times of the old terminal at Cape Town International Airport. It has area of 21000 square meters. You will receive world class services at the Cape International Airport. The Cape Town International Airport offers you a fast easy international standard banking. There are many Atms at the airport from which you can access to your bank account. At Cape International Airport there are different offices of Airlines for the booking or cancellation of the booking. You can take help from them. At Cape International Airport there is much information desk from which you can take the information relating to your flight or other.

There are many rental services available including metered taxis, shuttle services, limousine services and bus services. You can choose them as you want. The rates of rental services are different from one and other. You can hire them by phone call before arrive the airport. A Cape Town International Airport there is large parking bays available. 2000 cars can be parked at time. At Cape Town international Airport there are many restaurants and the branded shops also from which you can take the food and if your flight is late you can also do shopping. At Cape Town International Airport many international flights are flown with the big aircrafts which are Boeing 747s and 777s because of the long distance of the travel. Cape Town International Airports connects to Asia, Middles East, South America, Northern Africa and Europe. Cape Town domestic routes are also the busiest. The Cape Town International Airport provides you the best services with the great care and respect. The goal of Cape Town International Airport is to provide you stress free services. The passengers are guest for the Cape Town International Airport and they want to serve them with great care.