3 Wick Candles: Making them easily

The 3 wick candles are candles that are normally made out of wax and 3 wicks with same height. They can give a room with warmth, colour and fragrance. The ambiance and mood set by these candles appeal greatly to many people and when you add the slight scents that candles often give off, the combination creates an appealing environment in the home. Combine votives, pillars, tapers and 3 wick candles together that set a comfortable mood. They do not only add a rich full scent but they also put off a substantial amount of light to cast a warm glow over any room and also burn efficiently down to the very last of the wax. 3 wick candles will surely make an instant centrepiece or eye catcher anywhere you choose to place them. Burning them can help eliminate household odours or simply your home smells great and well made ones with a properly trimmed wick will melt to oil then burn as liquid, neither dripping wax nor releasing smoke. When they are burned out, they will leave no residue. Making 3 wick candles can be a way of sprucing up a home or a lucrative form of business. 3 wick candles can add flare to the center of a dining table or make a nice glow atop a fireplace mantle. By following these steps, you’ll be capable of making your own 3 wick candles. To start with, inspect the mold for moisture, holes and any defects that may cause of misshaping of the candle. Spray the inside part of the mold with silicone spray for this is used to help release from the edges of the mold. Boil a large pot of water where this will act as a double boiler to melt the wax pieces and once the water has reached a steady boil then reduce the heat to create a steady simmer. Set the wax pieces into a melting pot with a handle to allow the melting pot to sit inside the pot of boiling water without spilling over. One can be purchased from a candle making supply stores





. Add the Kemamide to the wax and this will be mixed in with the melted wax and help release from the mold. Place the melting pot and inside the pot of simmering water, hook the handle on the edge of the pot and only allow the water to simmer so that no water splashes into the wax. Melt the wax until it reaches to its liquid form. Check the temperature of the wax. It should be 190 degrees F and keep the wax at 190 degrees F for about 30 minutes. Set 3 pre-wicked clips in the bottom of the mold and then make sure to space them evenly. Pour 3 quarters of the wax into the mold. Pull the wicks back in place if they have moved during the pouring process. Allow this wax to dry enough in order to form a thin skin on the topmost area. Keep an eye on the wicks if they stay in place. Put the remainder of the wax into the mold when the wax has formed a thick skin on the top layer. Allow the entire mold to cool for eight hours before trying to remove it, when the candle is ready to come out, it should just take a little tug of the wicks for the entire candle to pop out. If resistance is felt then allow the candle to cool longer. After all the endeavour of making 3 wick candles, it is time to reward yourself with the relaxing, refreshing fragrance of these candles. 3 wick candles are the perfect ones in uplifting your spirit, clearing your mind and leaving you revitalized.