Kitten page updated 27/11/16


We are specialist Bengal breeders in breeding rarer, high quality snow Bengal cats. We also breed beautiful brown spotted and brown marbled Bengal cats in Bristol, UK. Because snow Bengals are less common and there is so much demand for these beautiful cats, we decided to lend our experience to developing a breeding programme that would focus on the snow Bengal as well as the brown varieties (spotted and marbled). All of our Bengal queens (apart from one), and our Bengal studs carry the snow Bengal gene and are of superb type, temperament and quality.

We view all of our Bengal cats as an extension of our family and bring up all our kittens in our family home, giving them loads of love and attention from the day they're born. Rearing these amazing Bengal kittens is a joy and a privilege! We spend time daily with each of our kittens encouraging the healthy development of their unique personalities, to give you the best possible experience, when you adopt your extra special Jayuzuri Bengal baby.

Even though we specialise in snow Bengals, we have brown spotted and brown marbled Bengal kittens of excellent type and quality, all with Jayuzuri Bengals' unique, incredibly sweet and loving 'purrsonalities'. Caring for the health and happiness of our cats comes first at Jayuzuri Bengals and we breed from only the finest Bengal queens and studs of excellent type, health and temperament. This is our special 'recipe' for our 'purrfect' Jayuzuri Bengal kittens - reared with lots of love, just for you.

Having limited space, our site is not designed to provide general information about the Bengal cat breed. However, we have provided useful links to web pages that do, on our Links page, for your convenience.

We are planning another mating soon, which will produce snow spotted and possibly some snow marbled kittens. Please Contact us if you are interested in adopting one (or more!) of our Bengal babies.

And lastly, we hope you will enjoy your visit to our site and don't forget to have a look in the Gallery where you can see adorable photos of our beautiful Bengal family.